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Once you contact us by phone or email, we will answer any of your questions and then set up a time to meet. See the steps below:

Before beginning one of the English programs, we come to the students for a personal interview and a written and oral test. An assessment is made with goal setting and objectives determined.

A plan is recommended for the number of classes and length of study desired. The instructor will work around your schedule and go on-site to your home, office or any public place conducive for class. A customized curriculum is designed if necessary. Otherwise, a standardized curriculum is used and a book may be recommended for the student to purchase.

Why Choose This Program?

  • Customized to meet your needs

  • Native English speaking teachers

  • On-site classes

  • Works around your time schedule

  • Fast, efficient, affordable and friendly service


Current Teaching Schedule:


Lake Mary, FL:

Monday - Friday

Flexible times available; We work with your schedule



Flexible days and times available; We work with your schedule

What Could Be Better Than Improving Your English?

In many places in Florida, it's possible to get by in your native language. However, learning English opens up many more opportunities for you, your business and your personal life.
Today's market is very competitive and is looking for bilingual people. We're here to help you
succeed in learning English in whatever area you need to improve.
Contact us today!
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